Do you mind if I post your recipe on my website?

If you are going to change any of the ingredients, please say that the recipe is adapted from such and such recipe from my site with a link to the recipe on my blog. If you want to print it exactly as is, please contact me for permission. My header photo however, is amazing but that’s because I didn’t take it!

Can I use your photo for my blog?

Frankly, I’m surprised that anyone would ask given that I am not a photographer, and am a pretty bad amateur at that. Even so, please ask first.  My header photo however,  is amazing but that’s because I didn’t take it! I asked my friends at Liz & Jewels, whose photography workshop I took in NYC to help me out and the extremely talented, Lisa Nieschlag whipped up a berry cake in no time and shot it all the way from Germany. I highly recommend their workshops. If you want to see proof of their effectiveness, look at my shot of Grape-Nuts Ice Cream when I first started The Better Crumb and compare it to my more recent post photos!

Why did my cookies fall flat after coming out of the oven?

Fresh baking soda helps. However, it is not usually the cause of the problem. If this cookie recipe contained half the amount of butter, it would naturally produce a puffier cookie because the baking soda wouldn’t have to work so hard. They also wouldn’t taste as good! If you freeze the dough as directed (best overnight), your cookies will stay puffy every time. Along with the dough, you must freeze the baking sheets lined with parchment. Also, it’s very important that your oven is HOT (preheat for at least thirty minutes). When you put ice cold dough and trays into a hot oven, the dough flattens at a slower rate and are cooked into shape before they can flatten too much.

Also, did you bake the cookies long enough? Were they still whitish and uncooked looking in the center? To ensure that they keep their shape, you should bake them until they are nicely browned and darker around the edges. In my oven, this is at least 19 minutes, sometimes up to 22.